JUNGE has focus on Board Work

Establish the right professionel Board

JUNGE helps companies to put the right Board together. The mixture of the Board, the members competences, personality and experience is based on a professional analysis of the company. JUNGE analyses and formulates which profiles will be right for the company and then a professionel recruitment process begins.

JUNGE can advice you on both how to set the right Board together for your ompany and on how to find the right Board members.

Networking – the way to the Boards

Most Board members are found through network. If this is right or wrong can be discussed – but it’s a fact. Therefore JUNGE has developed to Networking courses:

  1. A individually course for you, who wishes to develop your networking skills with the goal to get more Board posts.
  2. A workshop for groups, who wishes practical input on how to become more visible in their network in regard to get Board positions.

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